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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Jurassic World: Off the Grid Jurassic World
Off the Grid
Written by Tess Sharpe
Illustrations by Chloe Dominique
June 2022

(Page numbers come from the hardcover first printing, June 2022)


Having set the dinosaurs free, Maisie and her new guardians are on the run.


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Notes from the Jurassic Park chronology


This novel takes place about two years after the events of Fallen Kingdom.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this novel


Claire  Dearing

Owen Grady

Maisie Lockwood


Owen's father (mentioned only)

silver-haired couple

screaming waitress (mentioned only)

Sheriff Wragg


campground attendant


Benjamin Lockwood (Maisie's grandfather, mentioned only, deceased)
Charlotte Lockwood (Maisie's mother/template, mentioned only, deceased)

Claire's father (mentioned only)

Karen Mitchell (Claire's sister, mentioned only)

Violet Moody

Violet's grandparents (campground caretakers, mentioned only)

Colton (mentioned only)



Violet's parents (mentioned only)

Zak's mother

Bryn's fathers (mentioned only)

Rand Norland







Gibson Peak resident 



Didja Notice? 


Owen's orange camper van is called Pumpkin. Page 6 states that a few days after Owen, Claire, and Maisie had fled the Lockwood mansion (at the end of Fallen Kingdom), Owen had left for a day in the Jeep Wagoneer and come back with Pumpkin. But in the later Dominion, Owen is still driving the Wagoneer!


The genetically-invented Indoraptor mentioned on page 8 was seen in Fallen Kingdom.


Just as Claire remarks on page 9, citizens band (CB) radio was invented in 1945.


Maisie knows how to throw a knife, having been taught by Owen.


Page 10 has Maisie reflecting on how they'd assisted with some Triceratops having settled in Rogue Valley in Oregon and herbivorous dinosaurs eating all the almonds in Central California. Rogue Valley is an actual valley region of southwestern Oregon. Central California is known for its many almond farms.


On page 10, Gibson Peak is a mountain in northern California, though the town by that name seen a few pages later, and the businesses seen there, appear to be fictitious.


Page 11 reveals that Cascade Sanctuary is a sanctuary for herbivorous dinosaurs in the Cascade mountain range. The Cascades are a mountain range running from northern California through Oregon and into Washington.


Because they are wanted for questioning by authorities about the events at the end of Fallen Kingdom, Owen, Claire, and Maisie use "Anderson" as their last name when they must use it on their expeditions.


Page 31 reveals that redwood trees grow in the Happy Trails Campground on the edge of Gibson Peak town. Redwoods require a maritime climate and the real world mountain called Gibson Peak is probably a bit too far inland for them, suggesting the town is a bit removed towards the west from that.


Maisie reflects on seeing a billboard advertising a redwood that had a tunnel carved through it to drive through. There are several such trees along the coast of northern California.


On page 32, Maisie plays the song "Moon River" on Owen's smartphone. "Moon River" is a song written for the 1961 romantic comedy movie Breakfast at Tiffany's and has since been recorded by numerous artists.


On page 71, Fender's Rock appears to be a fictitious forest location for Northern California.


On page 71, Maisie denies being a "dinosaur whisperer". The term was inspired by the author from the term "horse whisperer", a person who uses training techniques on horses derived from observation of the animal's natural behavior and then working in sympathy for cooperation with the animal.


As Owen chases after Blue through the cattle ranch on his dirt bike on page 80, a bull briefly chases him and Owen laments that his bike is bright red. This is a reference to the red cape that bullfighters wave at a bull to get them to charge. But the red color is inconsequential, as bulls can not see the color red, they are only enraged by the waving action.


On page 87, Maisie asks Claire if the Jurassic World scientists ever got DNA of wooly mammoths or saber-toothed tigers. Claire seems to dodge the question.


On page 94, Maisie remarks that probably no one imagined that dinosaurs would ever be living anywhere besides islas Nublar and Sorna. Of course, Isla Nublar was the island of the original Jurassic Park as seen the movie Jurassic Park. Isla Sorna was the breeding island for the JP dinosaurs, as first seen in The Lost World.


On page 100, Violet compares the kids' plan to lure Tri and Pi to the stream for water by leaving a trail of apples to Hansel and Gretel. Hansel and Gretel is the title of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale about a young brother and sister menaced by a child-eating witch in the forests of Germany. In the story, Hansel leaves a trail of bread crumbs through the forest to lead them back home if they get lost.


Page 118 mentions Yellowstone Park.


While discussing with Sheriff Wragg how the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone Park changed the local ecosystem and allowed other creatures to thrive, Owen remarks, "And nature finds a way." This is very similar to Ian Malcolm's phrase of "Life finds a way" in Jurassic Park. Claire also said, "Nature always finds a way," in The Evolution of Claire by the same author as our current novel.


On page 151, a Gibson Peak resident informs Sheriff Wragg that the Slate Creek bridge is flooded due to the storm. Slate Creek appears to be fictitious for California.


Owen, Claire, and Maisie use code names when talking to each other over public radio. Claire is Redbird and Maisie is Bluebird. Owen's code name is not revealed.


On page 155, Owen reminds Claire that she almost drowned in a gyrosphere. This occurred in Jurassic World.


On page 158, Maisie reflects that she'd nearly been eaten by the Indoraptor before Blue saved her. This occurred in Fallen Kingdom. She reflects on this incident again on page 177.


On page 177, Maisie eats a handful of trail mix made of nuts, raisins, and M&M's.


Page 186 reveals that Maisie knows how to tie numerous types of useful knots, taught by Claire and Owen.


On page 196, the tracking sticker Maisie manages to slap onto Blue's body and a chemical in the sticker is activated, causing a "second skin" to grow over it in seconds. This seems a bit science-fictional for 2022, even in the JP world!


The tracker reveals that the fleeing Blue is moving along the Sacramento River. This is an actual river running through Northern California, the largest river in the state.


At the end of the novel, Owen has heard of a pack of Stegosauruses causing trouble in a big park near Chico, and Blue is heading in that direction anyway, so they can check it out. The Sacramento River does run near the city of Chico. The follow-up novel, The Yosemite Six, does not reveal what happened with the Stegosauruses.

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