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Jurassic Park: The Devils in the Desert #3
Reviewed by Patrick Hayes aka PatBorg
The covers: A new character finds his weapon just out of reach on this issue's covers.  Cover A has John Byrne on art and Ronda Pattison on colors, both continuing the streak of excellence.  The layout of the page lets you know that some type of dino is about to chow down on Mister mustachioed militia.  Why am I thinking the bright orange jacket wasn't the smartest choice to wear while shooting dinosaurs?  Cover R(etailer) I(ncentive) is Cover A without the colors.  Both are good, but I'm biased toward the colored version.  Overall grade: Cover A A and RI A-.
The story: This issue has the most explicit action yet, but the highlight for me was the introduction of InGen into the story.  In the first page Byrne has a basic plot recap, introduces InGen, and shows them to be the most vile of businesses.  By Page 4 we're reunited with our heroes, brought up to speed with each, and then watch as InGen stirs the pot.  I like how the story has the books'/films' tone of technology will beat nature, because you know this won't happen.   I also really liked the yellow jeep's occupants, which made me remember a scene in Jaws.  Their dialogue and actions were priceless!  And the action in this book is frightening and fun.  I felt bad for the dinos, just trying to survive.  As with last issue, Byrne could have wrapped this series up with this issue, but there's more to come.  Bring it on!  Overall grade: A+
The art: I have always loved John Byrne's art, and this comic shows why.  His art is so good you can get a solid sense of what's going on by just looking at the art; check out the first three pages for proof.  The characters are always consistently drawn and they convey wonderful emotion: the top of Page 7 is great -- and I love the sneer!  Not into characters?  You like hardware?  Well do you get a nice couple of gadgets this issue!  The look of the red "device" felt completely believable and I could see InGen using such a "device".  Oh yeah, dinosaurs?  You say you want your dinosaurs well drawn?  They are.  Not only in motion, but under attack, attacking, and being captured.  Everything works.  Overall grade: A+
The colors: Ronda Pattison gets out of the desert and starts in the big city at InGen.  Neutral grays, blues, and greens portray a calm and cool company that's about to go to pieces, again.  An antiseptic green appropriately comprises a hospital room, while calming olives make up the interior of the sheriff's office.  The colors of technology provide a stark contrast with the brown desert and its blue sky.  And orange jackets just scream "Come eat me!" to the dinosaurs.  Every color enhances the art and reinforces the story's mood.  Overall grade: A+
The letters: Dialogue and two sound effects make up Shawn Lee's work.  It's well done, and I'm always indebted to dialogue that has words italicized so I know where the stress falls to "hear" the speech of the characters better.  Overall grade: A
The final line: I feel like Sawyer from Lost looking at the preview of the next and final cover.  How in the heck is this event going to fit into the story and how's it all going to wrap up?  I have no idea.  All I know is that all comics wish they were as fun as this.  Overall grade: A+

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