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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Jurassic World: The Yosemite Six Jurassic World
The Yosemite Six
Written by Tess Sharpe
Illustrations by Chloe Dominique
September 2022

(Page numbers come from the hardcover first printing, September 2022)


Maisie, Owen, and Claire track Blue to Yosemite National Park in their attempt to recover her.


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Notes from the Jurassic Park chronology


This novel takes place shortly after the events of Off the Grid.


Didja Know?


This novel takes place largely in Yosemite National Park


Characters appearing or mentioned in this novel


Owen Grady

Maisie Lockwood

Claire Deering


Owen's friends (mentioned only)

Tri (mentioned only)

Pi (mentioned only)

Violet Moody (mentioned only)

the Yosemite Six

Eli Mills (mentioned only, deceased)

Ranger Leena Smythe-Patel

Cookie (horse)

Prisha Smythe-Patel (mentioned only)

Sir Benjamin Lockwood (mentioned only, deceased)

Ranger Jack Banks
Ranger Jane Harper

Principal Evans

Fallon Dugray

Fallon's mother (mentioned only)

Miss Haggerty (mentioned only)

Mrs. Kim

Mr. Garcia (mentioned only)


Grace's mother (mentioned only)

Nugget (horse)

Captain (horse)

Smash (Ankylosaurus)

Karen Mitchell (Claire's sister, mentioned only)

Blackberry (horse)

Wawona Middle School students

Mr. Percy


Scamp (Apatosaurus)

Pounce (Apatosaurus)

Mrs. Gregory (mentioned only)

Wawona residents

Mrs. Green (mentioned only) 



Didja Notice? 


Maisie's facts about Yosemite National Park told to Owen on pages 5-6 are accurate.


When Claire comes up to the cab of the van (Pumpkin) after her nap, Owen calls her "sleeping beauty". This is a reference to the 1697 fairy tale Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault, in which an evil fairy places a foreboding enchantment on a young princess that causes her to fall asleep until awakened after a hundred years by the son of a king.


Owen explains that the portion of Yosemite that Blue was last tracked in is closed to the public except by lottery. This is true of some areas of the park due to high demand for hiking and rock climbing.


Page 11 describes Maisie's vest as embroidered with a number of images, including two Triceratops representing Tri and Pi, who now live in an isolated section of redwood forest near the California coastline. These two dinosaurs, as well as Maisie's new friend Violet, were seen in Off the Grid. The Gibson Peak mentioned here is a mountain in northern California.


On page 14, the High Sierra is a nickname for the Sierra Nevada mountain range running north/south in the states of California and Nevada. Yosemite is located in the Sierra Nevada range. The Vogelsang camp mentioned here, the highest of the Sierra camps, is an actual camping ground; Boothe (sic) Lake is located here.


On page 15, Owen, Maisie, and Claire hike into the Sierras, with Claire at their "six", as he calls it. "Six" is military parlance for "the back" or "the rear" of a personnel formation (as in the "six o'clock" position); the phrase "I've got your six" means "I've got your back."


Maisie thinks of her past encounter with an Indoraptor. This was the genetically engineered "dinosaur" who hunted her in Fallen Kingdom.


The almond orchard eaten by dinosaurs mentioned by Maisie on page 25 was previously referred to in Off the Grid. Here, the dinosaurs are identified as having been Apatosauruses.


On page 34, Maisie wonders if the accumulated dinosaurs she, Owen, and Claire have found behind sonar fencing in Yosemite are being held to sell off in auction like Eli Mills did. The Eli Mills auction took place in Fallen Kingdom.


On page 43, Owen mentions a Pteranodon problem he and the girls helped resolve peacefully in Tillamook. This appears to be an untold tale. Tillamook is a city in northeastern Oregon.


On page 45, Leena admits she's not a paleobehaviorist. This is another new scientific category in the neo-dinosaur age, like paleoveterinarian (Dr. Zia Rodriguez in Fallen Kingdom and Dominion).


Anticipating an early and harsh winter in Yosemite, Leena tells Owen and the girls that she and others want to move the six captured herbivores to a more habitable environment for them at Oracle State Park in Arizona. Oracle State Park is a wildlife refuge in southeastern Arizona.


On page 49, Maisie states that Gallimimus is an herbivore. In the real world, paleontologists' general thinking is that Gallimimus was an omnivore, but the jury is still out. I suppose that, in the Jurassic World universe, the recreated Gallimimus has turned out to be herbivorous!


As mentioned on page 50, Maisie is the one who placed the tracker on Blue, in Off the Grid.


When they realize their mission to help the Yosemite dinosaurs is going to keep them in the park longer than they'd planned, Owen and Claire decide Maisie needs to start attending school nearby. Maisie is frightened at the prospect, pointing out that she's never gone to school before, she's only had home schooling, currently with Claire, but previously with her grandfather. Her "grandfather" (a loose term since Maisie is actually a clone of his daughter) was billionaire philanthropist Sir Benjamin Lockwood as seen in Fallen Kingdom.


Ranger Jack Banks reminds Maisie of a Viking. Vikings were Scandinavian warriors and seafarers in the 8th to 11th Centuries.


The school Maisie is made to attend is Wawona Middle School. As far as I can tell, this is a fictitious school, though there are a number of sites in the Yosemite Valley named Wawona, including a small village.


Owen, Claire, and Maisie use the last name of "Underwood" for Maisie's registration at school. In Off the Grid, they'd used "Anderson" as needed.


Fallon tells Maisie that her parents own Wawona River Cabins. This appears to be a fictitious cabin rental business. The river referred to in the name would be the Merced River.


On page 70, Fallon tells Maisie that Mrs. Kim assigned book reports on The Call of the Wild as a winter project. The Call of the Wild is a 1903 novel by Jack London about a sled dog in the Yukon.


On page 74, Maisie tells Owen she's learning about the local mountain pine beetle infestation in science class. The mountain pine beetle is Dendroctonus ponderosae.


Demi remarks on page 81 that the frills on Triceratops remind her of the neck-ruffles worn by Queen Elizabeth in "ancient times". Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) ruled England and Ireland from 1558-1603.


On page 82, Fallon remarks that one can get all kinds of new gear for safer camping now that dinosaurs are roaming the countryside.


Also on page 82, Fallon remarks that probably everyone in the United States has seen a Pteranodon by now given that flying dinosaurs cover a lot of ground.


Maisie tells the rangers that allosaurs have a huge bite capacity because their jaws were hinged like a snake's. This is true.


When Claire sees that the current route for herding the Yosemite Six passes by Yosemite Falls, she objects, "Yosemite Falls is where everyone takes their wedding photos!" Yosemite Falls is a 2,425 foot waterfall in the park. It is popular for tourist photos of all kinds, not just wedding.


Pages 94-95 mention several real world sites in the park: El Capitan, Half Dome, and Kibbie Lake. I have not been able to confirm a swinging log bridge along the trail to Kibbie Lake as mentioned here.


Maisie remarks that Kibbie Lake is the largest one in the park. Actually, it is the largest natural lake in the park. There are some larger manmade ones.


After their long hike to the lake, on page 97 Maisie puts a Band-Aid over the blister on her big toe.


Discussing a bit of ecosystem management on page 99, Owen tells Maisie that it wasn't until the 1990s that wolves were allowed back in Yosemite National Park and they changed the ecosystem for the better. But this is incorrect. He is likely thinking of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, where this did happen. Wolves were hunted out of Central California in the early decades of the 1900s and have not been seen there since except for a few rare and unconfirmed reports.


On page 137, Maisie feels like the dinosaur version of Paul Revere as she runs down the school hallway shouting to everyone that dinosaurs are heading toward the school. Paul Revere (1734-1818) was a Patriot of the American Revolution who warned the Colonial militias of the approach of British forces before the battles of Lexington and Concord. Popular legend says he rode through the countryside at those times shouting, "The British are coming!" though his actual warnings came much more clandestinely, requiring secrecy.


On page 170, the school marching band plays "Stormy Weather" to entertain the herbivores on the football field. "Stormy Weather" is a 1933 torch song.


On page 172, Maisie is unsure what to call the "buttons" on Grace's trumpet. They are called "valves".


On pages 179-180, Maisie recalls the time she hid under her blankets in bed when a carnivorous dinosaur had come around at her grandfather's house. This was in Fallen Kingdom.


On pages 181 and 182, the Allosaurus hunting Maisie and Fallon is mistakenly referred to as a raptor a couple of times in the narrative text.


The park rangers are able to get ahold of a tungsten reinforced trailer in which to transport Blue and Maisie thinks of tungsten as the strongest metal in the world. This is essentially true; in its most purified form, tungsten has the highest tensile strength of any metal.


The book ends with Blue tranquilized and in Owen's custody so her injuries can be treated. This is the raptor's last known status before the beginning of Dominion, where she is running free again in the wild. Did Owen simply release her out into the wild after she was healed?


Unanswered Questions


Maisie, Owen, and Claire worry about the poachers they encountered in Gibson Hill (Off the Grid) showing up in Yosemite if they learn that dinosaurs have showed up there. None do. And the reader never learns who the central figure was paying the poachers as mentioned in Off the Grid. Possibly, we're supposed to assume it was BioSyn, as the corporation is seen attempting to recover some of the dinosaurs in Dominion (set about four years later).

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