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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
Jurassic Park: Raptors Attack #1 (Topps Comics)
Written by Steve Englehart
Pencils by Armando Gil
Inks by Fred Carillo
Cover by Michael Golden

After crash-landing in the Columbian jungle, Grant and Ellie are held prisoner by a drug lord who has them caring for the raptors he has also captured and plans to use as the ultimate attack dogs.

Story Summary

Continuing from the events of "Dark Cargo" in JP: Raptor #2, this issue opens with Lawala's cargo plane crashing into the Columbian jungle. Some time later, Grant wakes up in a bed in the isolated hacienda home of drug lord Rafael. Soon he is reunited with Ellie and they realize they have been held there under sedation for days while they healed. Rafael has saved them so that they can care for the three raptors who also survived the crash.

While the injured raptor (shot in the neck by Lawala in "Dark Cargo") is nursed back to health, Rafael attempts to train the other two raptors to obey him through the use of electroshock collars.

Three weeks later, a Columbian military search party connected with the U.S. Army's search for the missing scientists and dinosaurs nears the drug lord's hidden compound in the jungle. Rafael sics his two newly-trained raptors on them and the voracious killers shred the team. After this successful first trial, Rafael declares the raptors are his forever.



Didja Notice? 

The cane that Rafael has left for Grant's use is somewhat similar to Hammond's! Though I presume there is not a prehistoric insect encased in the amber knob.

A portrait of a man is seen on the wall of Rafael's Colombian hacienda on page 5. Presumably this is Rafael's father.

On page 9, Ellie's green outfit suddenly turns dark blue. On page 10 (a day later) she appears to be wearing the green outfit again but then, on page 14 (the same scene) she is wearing a lavender shirt and purple shorts.

On page 21, a member of the search team shouts, "Ai de Mi! Dinosaurio!" which means something like, "Oh, my! Dinosaur!" On page 25, another search team member shouts, "Dios Mio!!" which means "My God!!"

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